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Blocked Drains

Clearing blocked drains in South East Melbourne

Tree roots, ‘flushable’ wipes and cooking fat are just some of the debris we clear in blocked pipes from Cranbourne to Pakenham. We find older pipes, common in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, crack over time due to movements in the earth or simply being too old. A small trickle encourages tree roots to enter the pipe, quickly causing a blockage.

Our plumbers use the latest technology to quickly locate the bottleneck and clear it with minimal damage to your pipes. Whether it’s tree roots or something less natural causing the blockage, we’ll discuss your options for the most cost and time efficient solution.

We use high pressure water jetters to quickly clear drains up to 60 metres down the pipe. The jets face forward and backward to dislodge and break up the blockage, sending it into the larger main system.
Our cameras can inspect the inside lining of old, damaged pipes without the cost and labour of digging. That way, we’ll only replace the section of pipe causing you issues without unnecessary cost.
Our Rothenberger inspection camera pinpoints the exact location of blockages and breaks underground without lifting a shovel. Using WiFi, our cameras can display the problem clearly on our screen or saved on a USB.
Not only do we remove the blockage, but we clean your pipes too. Our jetter technology uses high pressure water to remove sediment and grease lining your pipes, reducing the chances of blockages in the future.

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